No feelings at all

W Quote

A short post from me  today as life got busy as it tends to do but I’ve been thinking a bit about feelings. I am searching myself and wondering how I feel today but there’s nothing – I’m not particularly happy nor am I feeling down … it really is that I am feeling nothing.  Is this worse than feeling down?  Of course not but now that I think about it, most of my life is really more like this.  Sometimes the downs are low but usually I just feel nothing. And well, I don’t really know how I feel about that, hehe.  Perhaps it’s just a normal way of existing and my expectation that I need to be feeling something all the time is misguided. I really don’t know.  But it’s just come to my attention so am going to sit with this and contemplate it further. See if it gets me anywhere.

I also started my daily gratitude project this year but the last week has been challenging as I haven’t easilly found anything to be grateful for. It’s been a whole week of blah & meh. Even my yoga sessions have left me feeling nothing except maybe confused. Usually yoga elicits a state of bliss and at the very least,  I come out feeling good. But this last week, nada.

Time to dig deeper and write more and try to understand it.

Do you ever feel this way? Does the above quote hold true or is it naive?

With love,



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