We only see what we choose to see

Yup.  This post is going to sound too simple.  I know it is but well, here goes anyway.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re looking to buy a new car (or anything else for that matter), or if you were pregnant that you suddenly noticed that more people had that new car (or … ) or that more women around you were getting pregnant?  I have noticed this phenomenon before and had always wondered about it – I realised that it wasn’t really true but that I was just noticing these particular things because I was focused on them but never knew how to describe it properly until a couple of weeks ago when I was doing some research for this blog.  This thing that our brains do actually has a name!

So, what if we just focused on the good stuff for a while? Stuff that makes us smile? Would we start seeing more good things? I’m going to do this – will you join me? Even if it’s just for one weekend?